Fitness Services

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I offer Personal Training, Pre and Postnatal Coaching and Online Training 😁

Personal Training

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With Personal Training I work in-person with clients in my home gym.   I create programs that are based on what your body needs to build strength, activate the right muscle groups and lengthen the tight muscles.  My main focus is working with pre and postnatal clients for total body strength, mobility and awareness.  I offer nutrition advice, I am not a nutritionist so I will not give out meal plans but I do offer habit change and guidance with making changes in your nutrition.  I offer workout programming which means that I will come up with a set of 2-3 workouts that you will repeat for at least a month, longer if you are still benefitting from completing them.  This may sound unappealing for some but it’s truly an incredible way of building strength, foundation, and mobility.  How can we get good at something if we are constantly changing it?? And finally I offer support with body image, self care and overall healthy living.  A personal training session with me looks like:

Beginning with:

  • Initial Consultation (let’s find of it we are a good fit for each other 😊)
  • Movement Assessment (how is your form and what do we need to focus on)
  • General and Medical History
  • Goal Setting

Programs consist of:

  • Breath Work
  • Self Myofascial Release (foam rolling)
  • Active Dynamic Stretching (warm-up)
  • Your Progressive Workout Program
  • Static Stretching (cool-down)

Whatever you want to start I’m here to help you!

Online Personal Training

Online Training is a relatively new concept but an incredible one that I hope you’ll consider!

This is seriously an incredible option for people who are busy, have a decent idea of what they are doing with their bodies, and would love to have customized workouts all without the hassle of scheduling.  As a mama I know how unpredictable schedules can be, how hard it is to make time for yourself and nourish yourself, and that’s why I love being an online trainer.  During my pregnancy and postpartum I had pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence, Diastasis Recti, lots tons of strength and gained 50 pounds.  Thankfully I had the option of following a workout that was designed by the worlds top pre and postnatal experts that I could do in my home gym on my own time. This seriously saved me on many levels.  This is an option for you, I mean I’m no expert but I have been through it!!  Here’s what happens,  I create all the videos myself that provide you with workouts to do at home with minimal equipment so you don’t have to drive to the gym (time saver), and you can do them literally whenever you want.  I’m still here for you on all levels of motivation, accountability, habit changes, body image, self care and nutrition choices.  I got you and I would love love love to be there for you during and after your pregnancy.  Oh and I didn’t even mention the best part, this is a total money saver!! Personal Training isn’t cheap for many reasons but online training is a fraction of the price.  Compare $60 per session for in person to around $150-$200 per month depending on what kind of package you are interested in!

Contact me to find out more information!

Hybrid Training

In this option you get the best of both worlds!

Hybrid training consists of having both in person sessions and online training.  You get the benefit of working with me to feel that muscle activation, get the form down and ask me any questions on demand. I would set you up with your workout, you try it out with me in person then voila you are off on your own to do the workouts on your own time with them online.  This is a great option if you are in the area and want some “hands on” work before moving onto your own to do the workouts.  Typically I would recommend this for a beginner, someone who doesn’t have much body awareness or wants extra motivation.  Or if you are just like me and want to make sure your doing everything right before you repeat it over and over again!

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