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Connecting your heart’s rhythm

Personal Trainer

Katrina Lalley NASM Certified


Hi, I’m Katrina

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer who loves working with people to help them reach their goals.  I look at different aspects of your life and what motivates you to create a program that will help discover your strengths and feel more confident and loving towards yourself.

Who am I

I’m a fitness lover and teacher of the body.  I lead a life of healthy eating, strength with the body and mind and positive thinking.  I bring a different approach to fitness by making it more about connecting with yourself and what you love.  I love variety with exercise and believe that you should do what makes you happy to reach your health and fitness goals.


What I do

I create programs that make working out fun and rewarding.  I look at different aspects of your life such as hobbies, career, exercise history and what you enjoy.  I offer advice on nutrition as well as positive thinking to help you love your body and yourself.